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Products & Services

Here is some information on the products that we offer, if you need anymore information please feel free to get in touch.
Midi Haylage - Small bales.Weights vary but are between 22kg to 27kg approx.
These are made from Italian Rye grass, baled with a conventional baler and wrapped fresh with 8 layers of wrap to ensure quality.
We guarantee every bale and will replace if delivered to you with a problem. 
Big Bale Haylage - Various bale sizes.
4 string and 6 string, 5 feet long. Weights vary from 230kg - 400kg approx.
Made from the same quality Italian Rye grass as the midi bale.

Bedmax shavings

Good discounts offered on full loads.


Finer chip shaving also available


Conventional size small bales - these are made from Timothy, meadow or rye grass.


Big bale hay are made from meadow and rye grass.


Small conventional bales of Barley of Wheat straw


Large Bales of Barley and Wheat straw.


Not only do we get orders of straw to bed horses on but also for functions such as seating for weddings, outside parties, sound proofing etc.

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